Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I am not for everyone and not everyone is for me...whats understood does not need to be explained.



Hi dolls and gents....its been a minute! I am in South Africa and  hope to create some new content while I am out here! I have been slacking with posts, , I have just not had the energy or will power to blog.sigh,...This dress is by Pavon Luz and Victoria ...I love it! I initially saw it on Amber rose and I just had to get it,,the good thing is that their prizes are affordable! Check em out..

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Heels and Just a Coat on...


HI DOLLS AND GENTS... i just celebrated my birthday! It was so good to have my friends besides me,we went to Busaba Ethai in Leicester Square! Ate,talked and laughed... I am greatful for another year. As I have grown older I realise that you don't need too many friends I have 5close friends and thats it... All the people that are out of my life never belonged in it in the first place so I never dwell on friendships that dint last. Am just at an age were I am happy and content with my surroundings...

On to the outfit!!!!Yes heels and just a coat...nothing else. Trust me a coat can be worn as a dress....spicy ha? Oh and my braids...change was needed.   Thanks for tuning in !!!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines

In Love and War...maintain Military Silence...Do not speak or consort with the Enemy...


Hi dolls and gents ....its been a minute ! I have been going through life but I need to learn to find a balance for things I love doing.. I have not had time to blog or go to the gym,and I have gained weight yikes! 2015 has only started and I guess its already one of the hardest years. I had to get a new laptop my laptop packed up ages ago ,I decided to get a Mac Book Pro, am going all Apple time for set backs...My iPhone fell in the so I need a new phone,its just been one thing after the other! I feel so lost without it and its only been a couple hours since the incident...

Moving on... Hope you have all been in good spirits.. I had a great Christmas, My family came down from South Africa and its the first time in 10 years that we celebrated Christmas together so that was great. 

Lets get into the details of this dress hunny..So I got this dress from Asos and its by a brand called 'Love'.. If you recall I once wore the 'love cut out dress' by the same brand. There is something really  feminine and sexy about their dresses. They also have the same dress in blue!......As a woman I believe its important to be the best you that you can be and always make an effort to look fabulous for yourself or for that special someone! Be spontaneous, sexy and cool.. ! Hope u had a lovely valentines day whether your single or taken. Sorry ladies this dress sold out!

Thanks for tuning in.xoxoxooxoxoxoxx


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Yellow with Hues of Blue

"When you find someone loyal....hold on to them because such people are hard to find."

Hi dolls and gents, hope you are having a blessed week... I know I have been M.I.A, I have been so busy settling into my new job. I cant lie. London has been so grey and cold, I was hit with the flu and been feeling so bugged down and run down for the past two weeks. But am getting better, I spent today in a steam room and sauna just in an attempt to open up my airway and also my skin pores. I have been so stressed so it was good stress relief. I have also been doing a lot of  boxing sessions after work. I bought these cute pink boxing gloves and trust me boxing is my new favorite thing to do. Its fun!

Anyway enough of the stories, lets talk about this outfit huntayyys! I love the mix of blue and who would have ever thought those two colours would look smashing together. By the way I have new hair! I have mixed feelings about the ombre effect at the bottom, I may get my hair done in all black , what you think>>>



River Island yellow sweater

Monki crop tank top
£3.17 -

Reiss lace pencil skirt
£84 -

Linea stretchy pencil skirt

Warehouse stretch pencil skirt

Valentino nude pumps
£635 -

Round toe pumps
£16 -


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