Saturday, 19 April 2014


"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them."


Hey dolls and gents, sorry I have not been here in a minute, I have been mad busy and I still am mad busy studying for exams and trying to finalise all my deadlines! Corporate Law is not easy, it does take over your life...As a result I just have not had time for myself. . There are many sacrifices that I have had to make in terms of my education and it has not been easy. Since my final year of university jumping straight to do my Masters I can honestly say I stopped living for a moment. This summer in 2 months when am completely done with education I will be doing a variety of hot hair styles more weaves than braids! I want to meet more people,go out more..I will also be working out like mad this summer, am sure you can see I have gained a lot of weight. Personally I prefer to be around 60-62 kg. Right now I am 66.5 which is nearly 3kgs gained. So make sure you stay tuned after May things will get super TURNT up! I will be moving back to LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!Sooooooooo excited!!!!
 Thanks for tuning in!

lime me down

Topshop crop top
£12 -

ALDO black clutch
£15 -

Chain link jewelry

Thank you so much for tuning in!


  1. Love the skirt,goes perfectly with your black top and leopard print heels! I have the same heels from zara,love them.

    1. Thanks love do you?lol those heels have become my only pair of shoes,I literally wear them alot!Got them in the Zara Sales as well,BAHHGAINN!

  2. When you say you want to lose weight, do you want to lose weight all over or just certain areas you are not happy with? What size of clothes do you wear and what size are you now? Am on the same journey!Share your journey!You look good though.xx

    1. I would like to lose weight on my thighs and a little on my stomach. Sometimes the only way to tighten up and gain more of a muscle definition is to lose body fat.I don't want to be skinny thats why I said 3kgs. I am currently a size 8 for tops,size 10 for skirts,and size 12 sometimes for jeans because they don't stretch much.Good Luck love!

  3. DANG babe u r working that skirt! U don't need t lose weight u look GORGEOUS! Look at u stickin out that sexy booty! Lol ;) x x x

    1. Thanks lol!But definitely need to be more toned,its more to tighten up and gain a bit more muscle definition ,gaining more muscle=loosing a bit of fat lol


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