Wild Heart


"I have no desire to be known...my only desire is to be felt... I have a wild heart"

Ok, stop the TRACK...I think I may have found the perfect parka that I can wear  ‘all-year-round, that can transition
 into every season with very little effort and still look classy. 

I actually spotted this 'WILD HEART -bad boy parka' in Zara sometime in March and I looked at it and thought to myself  
"mmm the embroidered pattern is cool but It kinda looks old and washed out...so I decided to leave it!" Sigh!!! 
We always regret the things we did not buy....
Fast forward months later I saw the Camo dress I am wearing in this post in Primarni (the posh term for Primark), for £10 ...
All of a sudden I had a vision of the 'Wild heart Zara parka,' I knew at that moment I had to have it ...I had a vision of the parka 
and the dress becoming husband and wife...I knew this was a match I had join together to become one (sigh).

 I looked in 4 Zara stores and could not find it, I checked online and still couldn't find it...I finally found it in the Zara store  in Brent Cross...
I felt the most intense excitement from within. I grabbed it quickly as it was the last one left...its like it was waiting for mama to take it home.
Zara are just KILLING IT this season with their amazing Spring/Summer 2016 collections. Its ridiculous how Zara keeps making me buy stuff!!

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